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16.06.2022 21st International Water Mist Conference (IWMC) to take place in Madrid
The members of the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) have discussed and decided: The 21st International Water Mist Conference will take place in Madrid, Spain.
03.05.2022 Low pressure water mist - the modern approach in firefighting industry
For the last thirty years, water mist fire protection has evolved from a theory to an increasingly widely accepted alternative to traditional water, foam or gas fire protection systems. Water mist offers better protection efficiency, significantly less water consumption and lower investment costs.
10.01.2022 TechInfo® presents an effective and ecological solution for fire protection with water mist
TechInfo®, a specialized agency for engineering and investment marketing, presents on the bulgarian market a low-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system. The system is a new technological solution for automatic firefighting of the Danish company VID Fire-Kill, a world leader in the development and production of innovative solutions for environmental and reliable fire protection based on water mist as an extinguishing agent.
25.10.2017 SYNCHRON-S participated in the architectural festival "Sofia - European capital city"
SYNCHRON-S participated in the architectural festival "Sofia - European capital city" with the lecture "Fire protection of high-rise buildings - advanced methods for detection and suppression of fire"...
14.10.2017 Comicon offers a new remote management gateway
Comicon, specialized in the field of industrial automation, offers a new remote management gateway called eWON Netbiter LC, designed to connect machines to ThingWorx and local networks...
28.07.2017 Synchron-S and Siemens Building Technologies have held a series of joint seminars in the country
The last novelties in the design and implementation of fire detection and fire extinguishing systems were presented by Synchron-S and Siemens Building Technologies Bulgaria during specialized seminars ...
29.05.2017 SYNCHRON-S has installed and put into operation a fire protection system in Bulgarian Development Bank
SYNCHRON-S has finished a fire safety project in the new administrative building of Bulgarian Development in the center of Sofia...
22.04.2017 Advanced solutions for access control and time attendance
An effective solution for access control and time attendance for small, medium and large sites and organizations...
07.02.2017 SYNCHRON-S offers an advanced solution for fire protection of high-rise buildings
Fire protection of high-rise buildings attracts more and more attention in recent years as the main question is whether the occupants of these buildings are protected enough and what firefighting measures are necessary to ensure this protection.
15.12.2016 Comicon with a solution for data transmission to an electricity distribution system operator
Comicon, specialized in the field of industrial automation, has developed a solution for data transmission under protocol IEC60870-5-104 to an electricity distribution system operator. The solution is based on gateway with I/O interface of Anybus® SG-gateway product range.
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