Fire extinguishing systems with inert gas

Fire extinguishing systems with inert gas

Extinguishing agent               Extinguishing agent                Extinguishing agent
ARGOGEN IG-01                  ARGOGEN IG-55                   ARGOGEN IG-100
100% argon                         50% argon, 100% nitrogen      100% nitrogen

Main characteristics:

o Fast and safety suppression of the fire in less than 60 seconds: The systems with inert gas extinguish the fire by reducing the oxygen concentration inside the protected hazard. The oxygen concentration is minimized until it reaches a level where combustion is no longer supported. Each system is designed so as to decrease oxygen to a specific level. When discharged, inert gas is quickly distributed within the enclosure, achieving design concentration in 60 seconds. The main standardized installation parameters that guarantee fast and safety suppression of the fire are:
- discharge time – max. 60 seconds – defines time needed to achieve design concentration of 95%. The low value of this parameter guarantees fast fire extinguishment with minimal damages;
- duration of protection – min. 10 minutes – defines time needed to hold design concentration avoiding re-ignition. The high value of this parameter guarantees efficient fire extinguishment.

o Suitable for occupied areas: Each fire extinguishing installation is measured according to the standards. The minimal concentration of oxygen which is safe for people is between 8% и 10%. As a general rule, for the systems with inert gas the extinguishing concentration is achieved when oxygen contents in the air is reduced from its usual level of 20,9 % to values lower than 15% depending on the combustible products.

o Safe for property and equipment: The inert gas is chemically inert, electrically non-conductive, no corrosive and may be used at normal temperature with such materials as nickel, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and plastics. It is useful for firefighting in spaces with expensive electrical equipment.

o Clean fire suppression with no residue and no after event clean up: The inert gas is clean extinguishing agent and leaves no particles or oily residues to clean up after the discharge.

o Flexible adaptability and protection against accidental actuation due to any small leak: The installation can be modular or centralized (single or double row). The system with manual or automatic release includes TT certified bottles, equipped with a pressure gauge valves. The inert gas is stored in high-pressure cylinders in the form of compressed gas with filling pressure of 200 and 300 bar. The system uses cylinders of 80 lt and 140 lt capacity for optimizing in space and cost. Allows checking and maintenance of all critical elements contained in a fixed extinguishing system, thus preventing the risk of accidental discharge.

o Safe for environment: The inert gas naturally presents in the atmosphere, its green house effect is nil and its ozone layer depletion potential is zero. It is chemically inert, non-conductive, colourless, odourless and flavourless.

o Compliance with ISO 14520


The installations with inert gas has a wide field of application. They are ideal for fire protection in archives, museums, libraries and any other spaces with valuable or unique property. Also, they are used for protection of computers, telecommunication equipment, electrical installations.

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