System for Automatic control and registration of the working time

Time Attendance Systems

The system makes automatic control and registration of the working time. It makes ABSOLUTELY AUTOMATICALLY generalized information in groups, related directly with the human resource within the organization – its planning, control, payment, profitableness, number, and data for the statistical processing.

вижте изображението в голям размер The system can be configured according to the needs of the organization: The employees’ registration is accomplished through a ”personal identification card” on devices, placed on the locations for entry in the site – main entrance, entrance to a subsite or a workshop, or even the workplace itself. The software and the database can be configured according to the particular characteristics of the site and the management strategy of the organization.

Superb reliability of information and data: The system has its own controllers for keeping the employees’ registrations. An energy-independent memory for 16 000 registrations with a date and an hour and with a capacity of 10 000 cardholders, a separate back-up battery power supply, archive duplicate copy on the network server and a buffer for 10 000 000 events of the system communication station. This organization guarantees an autonomous work of the system for weeks in case of failure of the computer installation or the network.

Planning of the working times in network operation: The software package gives a possibility for preparing the working times and monthly schedules of the corresponding departments, both in a centralized way and from the heads of the departments themselves, which is realized through the multi-task operation of the system in the network environment from different stations with a common database.

вижте изображението в голям размер   вижте изображението в голям размер

Everyday control: The system exerts an everyday control by means of observation of the schedules for working time and presence. The software offers three groups of reports – ”Movement of employees”, ”Late employees” and ”Absent employees” and they can be used for the whole organization, for a department or for a person.

High flexibility: The system is extremely flexible when modeling the working process. The working times can be fixed, floating, on schedule, night work, 24-hours shifts, lunch break, etc.

Payment control: The system provides the option for passing towards summing reports of the working time, hourly payment, generating and controlling the extra working time and the night work, as well as an option for additional stimulating of certain employees, sanctions on lateness and unauthorized absences.

Automatic feeding of information: Within other Program Products, for example programs for ”Labour and Working Salary”, ”Human Resource”, ”Controlling”, ”Costs Assessments” – assessment of the expenditures and profitableness. These data can be fed for automatic calculation of the working salary, there is an opportunity for summing calculation of the working time, as well as automatic generation of the extra work and the night work.

Data export: The system gives a possibility to record the data for statistical processing, for example the data from different reports to be stored in an electronic way – file with the format of commonly used programs, such as text-processing, electronic tables or standardized database.

вижте изображението в голям размер   вижте изображението в голям размер

The system operates automatically: The program for control of the working time is based on the careful and detailed study of the specific features and the need for such control, at minimal loss of time, necessary for the current updating of the monthly information and working schedules. Once set, the system operates automatically, the only necessary current update being for official holidays, for worked off days, etc.

Centralization of the information: The main advantage of the system is the centralization of the information. For example, all branches, shopping areas, offices or subsites of a company are united in a common database, situated in the main center of the organization. In this way, a certain employee can work in several branches or subsites of the company at the same time, his working hours being registered as a whole. It is possible to transfer data to other systems, e.g. payroll, administration, controlling.

The system provides information structured in three hierarchical levels: The system provides information for global indicators for the enterprise, department indicators and finally the detailed information for each employee. Every type of these reports can be used by the respective levels of management in the enterprise and can be generated at different terminals (working places), exerting, in this way, full and independent control over the working process. The system can be modularly expanded, thus controlling technological processes, access and security of premises, optimal usage of the production resources, availability in stock, etc.

Quick learning, easy and pleasant operation: The software interface is created in the Windows style - well known by the customers, which allows quick learning, easy and pleasant operation. All reports and commands are written in English and one click with the mouse on the chosen button is enough to start the desired action.

Suitable for variety of applications: The system is suitable for small enterprises and companies, as well as for organizations with large personnel and wide variety of activities, where it is virtually impossible to oversee the observation of discipline on the job.

The described so far potentials of the program are demonstrated in the following reports, made specially for this purpose. Some of the reports are presented in short, because of their big volume. Download REPORTS

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