ZigBee remote relay - Z Relay

ZigBee remote relay - Z Relay

Z Relay consists of radio modem, 2 discrete inputs and 2 discrete outputs. It transmits wirelessly the dry contacts position between remote points.

Z Relay is offered as set of 2 devices. The position of the dry contacts, connected to the first device inputs is transfer automatically to the second device relay outputs and vice versa. More than two Z Relay devices can be set to work in network.

Improved reliability due to use of ZigBee protocol as it secures data transmission by repeatings and confirmation by receiver side. If 2 Z Relay devices work together it is possible they not to be positioned in the area of their line-of-sight radio range. Data exchange between them is provided by re-transmitting via other ZigBee devices.

Technical features:

Radio module transmit power: 60 mW (18 dBm)
Indoor range (Urban): up to 100 m
Range at line-of-sight: up to 1.6km
RF data rate: 250 Kbps
Frequency: ISM Band: 2.4000 - 2.4835 GHz
Cryptography: 128-bit AES
Power supply: 220 VAC
Working ambient temperature: -20 to 60° C
Dimensions: 160x85x55 (without cable glades).

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