Oxyfuel cutting machine CM DD 3,5 m x 12,0 m

Oxyfuel cutting machine CM DD 3,5 m x 12,0 m




 Working area size:
   - alongside the X-axis up to 3500 mm
   - alongside the Y-axis up to 12000 mm
 Number of modules for vertical cutting           2
 Number of devices for gradient (0о - 45о)
 and rotation (360о) cutting
 Distance of the devices:
   - for vertical cutting 140 mm
   - for gradient cutting 70 mm
 Cutting thickness:
   - for vertical cutting up to 300 mm
   - for gradient cutting up to 60 mm
 Power drive along X- and Y-axis Rack and gear 
 M = 1.5mm
 Power drive along Y-axis doubleside
 Feedback along the X and Y-axis   Encoder inside
 the engine
 Accuracy of torch positioning in the whole
 working area
 ±0.45 mm
 Repeаtition of the torch position in
 multiple positioning  
 ±0.05 mm
 Speed of the motion along the axes up to 10 m/min


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