Philips CNC 432 linear measuring system converter to RS422 encoder intrface

Converter model CNV-VGD432/422

Converts signals from
Philips CNC 432 linear measuring system
to TTL / RS422 encoder interface

Supports two Philips 432 CNC board types - LM and LS
Supports different Philips reader heads - for examlpe PE2480/10, PE2520/10
, etc.

Technical data:

Resolution - 1 µm

Power supply - 12 V

Error protection in case of loss of optical signal from the line in two versions:
    - TLL output or
    - High impedance state of the encoder interface output

Switching between LM / CM boards - using jumpers

Based on XILINX CoolRunner-II CPLD

PRICE:  200 Euro

Download Data Sheet
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