PC based, FANUC compatible CNC system - TSF

PC - based, FANUC compatible CNC system



FANUC compatible user interface
IBM-PC based, MSDOS compatible
9" TFT monitor , 53 – keys industrial keyboard, machine operator’s panel
64 MB Flash Disk - solid state hard disk
1.44 MB floppy disk drive
USB interface
RS232C interface
Up to 3 axis simultaneous motion
Spindle speed control
Up to 96 optically isolated inputs / 64 relay outputs
2 axis circular interpolation
3 axis linear interpolation
Embedded NC editor
G code programming according to EIA RS-274D standard.
Absolute / incremental programming
Compensations: cutter radius, tool nose radius, tool length
M,S,T functions
Fixed cycles
Thread cutting
Macro programming
Feed rate and spindle override
Machine lock, dry run, optional block skip, single block
Programmable controller

TSF is a PC - based CNC system suitable for a wide variety of applications (lathes, milling machines, punch centers, laser or plasma cutting machines etc.). It consists of a standard or industrial PC and o­ne or more proprietary ISA cards. TSF runs under a MSDOS based user-friendly software.

This PC-based CNC system provides some advantages over the standard microcontroller based CNC systems. The PC based system offers all the benefits of the PC products:

   * ease of installation, maintenance and use 
   * open architecture with development ability 
   * ease of communications – remote diagnostics and programming (RS232, RS485, LAN, etc.)


Embedded Ladder Editor
DNC control
Module SCDC - Automatic Torch Height Control System

Contact with the supplier:
36 Lerin Str.
1680 Sofia,Bulgaria
Phone: (359 2) 978 66 64
Fax: (359 2) 978 66 64
E-mail: [email protected]
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