Thermal cutting machine CNC-controlled CM-DD-12 x 25-2z, ox+pl, 3torch

Thermal cutting machine CNC-controlled
CM-DD-12 x 25-2z, ox+pl, 3torch




  Working area size 
    - alongside the X-axis  up to 2,500 mm
    - alongside the Y-axis  up to 12,000 mm
  Working table size   2 500 x 12 000 mm
  - number of devices for vertical motion   2
  Thickness of cutting: 
    - for straight oxy - propane cutting   up to 200 mm
    - for straight plasma cutting   up to 60 mm
  Three – torch oxy propane cutting device for making
  upper chamfer, straight part and lower chamfer –
  inclination from 0º to 45º and rotation 720º
  - thickness of cutting of the three – torch device   up to 60 mm
  Power supply along the X and Y-axis   rack and gear
  M = 1.5 mm
  Number of power suppliers along Y-axis   2
  Feedback along the X and Y-axes   encoder inside
  the engine
  Accuracy of positioning in the whole working area   ±0.35 mm
  Repetition of the position of the torch in
  multiple positioning
  ±0.05 mm
  Speed of the motion along the axes   up to 25 m/min

Contact with the supplier:
Probuda 12A str. KZU
Voenna rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel./Fax: +359 2 931 39 15
Manager: Ivan Vlaev
GSM: +359 888 207 957

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