Spherical roller bearings for vibrating applications

Spherical Roller Bearings for Vibrating Applications

One of the largest manufacturers of rolling bearings, Minsk Bearing Plant introduces the new VS-BEAR series of specially designed spherical roller bearings for severe operating conditions, requiring rugged vibration-proof bearings.

VS-BEAR improves machine uptime. Due to the stability of high speeds, large radial and impact loads, misalignment and extreme centrifugal forces, the new bearings ensure high machine performance and the least amount of downtime and production lost.


Greater resistance to vibration, shock and impact loads

Maximized dynamic capacity

Extended service life

Cooler running temperatures

Misalignment capability


The new VS-BEAR bearings are used in wide range of vibrating equipment:

* screens
* finishing mills
* bin vibrators
* jaw crushers
* pavement profiles
* hammer mills
* vibrating feeders
* cone crushers
* building block machines, etc.
Contact with the supplier:
13 Gerlovo, Sofia 1504, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 8468 666,
(+359 2) 8468 076
Fax: (+359 2) 8435 322
Contact person: Tatyana Yordanova
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