Gateway eWON Netbiter LC - connecting devices to ThingWorx

Gateway eWON® Netbiter LC - connecting devices to ThingWorx®

eWON Netbiter LC is a new remote management gateway from HMS Industrial Networks. While regular Netbiter gateways (Netbiter EC) connect machines to the Netbiter Argos web service, Netbiter LC gateways are designed to connect machines to ThingWorx and local networks.
What’s new?
The Netbiter LC gateways allow ThingWorx users to get data from machines, devices or sensors with a few clicks of the mouse. In ThingWorx, users can easily build graphical dashboards (so called Mashups) and get alarms and reports on their machinery online.
How it works
A Netbiter LC gateway connects to field equipment via Serial RS-232/485, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP (On-board I/O ports provide the option to connect sensors and additional equipment).
The Netbiter gateway sends data via Ethernet or the cellular network to the ThingWorx cloud where it can be displayed in a regular web browser. It is possible to get reports, statistics and also alarms if values reach certain levels. Users can build so called “Mashups” where data from the field equipment is shown in graphical dashboards.
Ready-made device templates make connection quick
Netbiter LC comes with an included configuration wizard which makes it easy to build so called “Device Templates” mapping the values from a Modbus device/machine to ThingWorx. Moreover, there are ready-made device templates for hundreds of industrial devices available for free on These templates enable users to connect a machine to ThingWorx in minutes.
Internal web pages also available
Users can also access information from a machine by logging on to the Netbiter LC’s internal webpages. Here, they can view live values, logged data and get alarms from their machine. This makes Netbiter LC gateways an excellent choice for connecting machines to closed and secure Local Area Networks (LAN).
Two versions: Ethernet and cellular
eWON Netbiter LC comes in two versions: The LC310 sends data via Ethernet only, while LC350 can use both Ethernet and cellular communication (3G/GSM/GPRS).
“We’ve done all the work for the ThingWorx users”
“The Netbiter LC has two main applications”, comments Anders Stålheden, Product Manager at HMS Industrial Networks. “Firstly, it can be used as an IIoT gateway connecting an industrial device to the ThingWorx cloud. Here, we have done all the work for the ThingWorx users, having implemented the ThingWorx connectivity into the Netbiter LC. Secondly, it can also be used to monitor and control machines via a Local Area Network. No matter the usage, Netbiter LC is a quick and easy way to get access to live data from industrial equipment.”

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