Plasma cutting machines "Gantry" series

Plasma cutting machines "Gantry" series (CM-DD)

Technical Specifications

Bilateral drive of the cross beam allows high dynamics of motion, which is especially suitable for plasma cutting

Option for installation of all types of cutting heads (vertical cutting head, bevel head, marking head and triple torch head)

Option for cutting with several vertical heads at the same time

Option for automated (programmed) activation of each one of the cutting heads along the X axis

Option for automated arrangement of the vertical cutting heads at certain positions along the X axis and simultaneous driving and cutting along the Y axis

The CNC allows utilization of a capacity sensor for automatic height control of the torch and height control through measuring the voltage of the plasma arch

Option for plasma arch power reduction in accordance with changes in the torch's speed of motion (with a sudden change of direction of motion)

Option for bevel head for cutting in manual and automatic modes along an arbitrary contour at an angle from 0 о to 45 о

High precision of the final product eliminates the need for mechanical treatment before welding

Specialized CAD/CAM system for nesting, NC programming and creation of technical documentation, geared towards the technical specifications of the machine (including the bevel head, single torch head, and triple torch head)

 Working area size 
    - along the X axis from 1.50 m to 4 m
    - along the Y axis from 3 m to 18 m
 Cutting method oxy-propane and plasma
 Cutting heads types vertical head
 single torch bevel head
 triple torch bevel head
 marking head etc.
 Number of cutting devices up to 4
 Vertical motion 140 mm
 Vertical oxy-propane cutting thickness up to 300 mm
 Vertical plasma cutting thickness up to 100 mm
 (depending on the plasma) 
 Bevel cutting thickness -
 oxy-propane or plasma
 up to 60 mm
 Power supply along the X and Y axes rack and pinion M=1.5mm
 Number of power supplies along the Y axis 
 Feedback along the X and Y axes encoder inside the engine
 Positioning accuracy over 6 x 2 m
 working area
 ±0.35 mm
 Repeatability of positioning of the torch ±0.05 mm
 Speed of motion along the axes up to 30 m/min
 Fume suction system table - separated in
 1m-long segments along the X axis; with
 pneumatic switching across the segments
 capacity 8 000 m2/hour

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